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  1. Start the day early. At least 30 mins before the normal time. This will give you that little extra time to plan the day ahead, check your diary, have a good breakfast and brew your coffee. 
  2. Do not check your phone until you have done all the things in the number 01 If you scroll down social media before you start your day this can significantly impact your mood, your peace of mind in lots of different ways.
  3. Only put your energy and thoughts in the things that are within your control. Everything else is a waste of time. 
  4. Priorities tasks, between Top Urgent and important , Urgent but not so important, not urgent and not important and important but can wait.
  5. Only have 3 or 4 tasks/goals in the top urgent and important list as having too much in this category will reduce the motivation and being unable to keep up with it may increase the stress and self doubt.
  6. Break big tasks in to small manageable tasks and delegate if you have the resources. 
  7. Have specific times of the day for social media and stop scrolling through the phone every time it beeps for a message or a news alert.
  8. When things don’t go according to the plan take a deep breath and start over, most of the time things get complicated only by the way we react to a situation. Take responsibility for your response.
  9. Take regular breaks and keep hydrated. 
  10. Practice regular meditation once a day. Stillness and calmness of the mind is the beginning of infinite creativity. 

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