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Belief number 01 – I am not enough

Most of us live our life day in day out with this incorrect belief. When you think you are not enough you become so needy, and as you walk through life with this record playing in the back of your mind, a magic happens. More and more things will happen to support what you believe. It’s not that you are not enough , you believe you are not enough and that has to change. I have spent most of my life with this same belief and it didn’t help me until the day I decided to change my belief to ” I am enough ” When we don’t get the same love we give out, when we don’t get the praise we expect when all our hard work and efforts are over looked we feel that we are not enough. That is not the truth, we just tell this to our self over and over again, and our mind will start to believe it. It is the job of our subconscious mind to keep working in the background creating the reality mirroring our thoughts and emotions. Change that belief today right now, Start telling your self I AM ENOUGH. I AM MORE THAN ENOUGH.

Belief number 02- It is not available to me.

So many of us navigate through life believing happiness, joy, a dream job, dream home a beautiful family is not available for us, The honest truth is that all this is available if we choose to have them, the problem is that we don’t make the decision to own it because we don’t think we deserve it or it’s available to us. No baby is born with this kind of mind set that things are not available to them, or that they don’t deserve it. When a baby is born he or she has a drive to find connection and avoid rejection. This same baby grows up taking in all that happens around and believing what is told to them by the most significant people in their life and they make assumptions and begin to believe what is told and shown to them. It’s the environment and experiences that creates the perceptions they hold later in life. Everyone is born with extraordinary power that is enough to create a life beyond wildest dreams.

Belief number 03- There is something wrong with me, I am different.

Yes you are different to any other person in the world, but in a very good way. You hold that uniqueness that only you were born with. I have come across so many incredible human beings that believe there is something wrong with them, that’s why they keep attracting the same type of relationships, that’s why they are frustrated, not connected. These are beautiful healthy people not only they believe something that is not true, they even find their own evidence to support that belief. Science have proved that only 3-5% of our daily thoughts are conscious, the rest is unconscious. When we believe something that isn’t true with made up evidence to support it, our subconscious minds don’t really have a choice but to prove you right. If you have been reading this blog up to this point, you really are hungry for a shift in your life and you are so ready for change. If you want to be successful in life and create your own reality, write your own story live that life beyond your dreams, eliminate these thoughts from your life now. Replace them with I am enough, and everything is available to me if I choose to have it, and I am beautifully unique in my own way and I create my life.



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