I'm Nilu Jay

I warmly welcome you to my little corner of this world. I am a certified life
coach and NLP Practitioner I look forward to speaking to you. I started my career as an
Investment Banker in one of the high street banks and as to a lot of women out there I
gave up my career and took the back seat to raise children. As they were getting a bit
older I juggled my plates around their life doing part-time work in retail, health and social
care and education.

When I was working in health and social care I got to spend time with people at the end of
life. I saw old people like unpublished books, they had stories that are untold but beautiful.
invaluable life experiences that are true. Most of them had regrets awaiting their death at
98 or 100. Regrets for the chances they never took, decisions they never made, discussions they never had when they had the whole life ahead of them. This was an eye-opener for me. I have seen much older friends and family of mine doing perfect jobs, having perfect partners, beautiful children. They lacked fulfilment in their life. I wanted to dig deep into my self in the hope of finding purpose. I wanted to know what I truly wanted. how I wanted to feel in the years to come. In this blog, I will share the lessons I learnt along the way to self-discovery finding purpose and making a decision to live a much fulfilling life and be of service to the world.

There was a time in my life where I was broken, I was just going through the motions of
the day confused and didn’t know where to start to steer my life towards change. I started
to read self-help books looking for inspiration. “ Think and grow rich “ by Napolean Hill. “
secret” by Ronda Byrne, “7 Habits of highly effective people” by Stephen R Covey are
some of them. I learnt to meditate really connect with my inner self. I explored my self in a
way I have never done and that helped me steer my life towards understanding that my
thoughts and my mind were creating my reality.

If I wanted to change the reality I needed to work with my mind. The more I educated my self about the subject more I understood why the things happened in my life the way they did. It was fascinating what I discovered along the journey. Everything that happened to me in my life, every pain every heartache had a beautiful reason behind it. A beautiful truth behind it and that those things were shaping me for my future self. I am ever so grateful for all the lessons I learnt, all the things that broke me all the life experiences that made me feel like I am worthless, if not for them I
won’t be who I am today. I am now a certified life coach, a relationship coach, Health and
wellness coach and certified NLP practitioner who works to change the lives of millions of
people around the globe.

Everything that happened in my life had to happen to shape me and mould me into the
version that I have become. I am grateful for all the pain, heartache, and illness that
crossed my path with an equivalent amount of opportunity and growth that steered my life
in the right direction. The love, joy and happiness I was seeking from the sources outside of me were found within me. That love joy happiness I found was eternal and

When life takes over, left me confused and hurt the only thing I had to do to steer my life
around was to claim my power back. Understand ME. My power to shift almost anything
around me. The power within my self to create my own surroundings. I learnt to Claim my
power to chose love over every negative thing that crossed my path. I claimed my power
back to replace fear, uncertainty with Confidence and love. Most importantly I used my
power to send love to all those who ill-treated me and broke me. If they didn’t I wouldn’t
have ever found myself.

I invite you to join with me to explore yourself, witness your true power and your ability to
achieve a life beyond your wildest imagination. It all starts with YOU.

What is life coaching

Life coaching is the process of moving from your current situation to your desired goals
and objectives. I will do this by asking powerful questions and using various different
techniques and metaphors.

I will be using techniques such as:

– Powerful questions
– Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)
– positive psychology
– Giving you the experience to shift your thinking process

How can you benefit from coaching?

– Coaching will help you to overcome the limiting beliefs that have held you back for years.
– Coaching will give you the ability to gain clarity whether it is your life in general, your
relationship or your career. Gaining clarity will guide you on your next steps towards your goals.
– Coaching can shift your mindset introducing new ways of looking at things which in turn
positively change your life.
– Coaching can help you achieve your dreams by goal planning and practical tools and
techniques and hold you accountable
– Coaching can help you implement positive changes to your life and eliminate
– Most importantly coaching will help you understand your self better in a way you have
never done before.