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We are so focussed on living our conveyor belt life, often we lose our selves. What is this conveyor belt life it’s the pattern we think we should live, you go to school and then you go to college, then you have to go and get your degree , then you have to find a job, buy a home, get married when you get to a certain age and have children before you hit a certain age, and the belt will keep going, repeating the same pattern. We get so caught up in keeping up with this belt and with all the noise from outside, our families, our society, friends, networks we don’t hear our own voice. Our voice gets lost in the noise and we live a life that is not completely ours.

Who made these things up, like you have to get a degree before you are thirty, and you have to get married before you are forty? There is absolutely NO such thing. Everyone is living their own timeline; you are not ahead nor behind you are just where you should be and you are living your own beautiful timeline in your own unique way

How do I hear my voice? In the middle of all the noise, How do I find what I am passionate about? How do I find my purpose? If you ever wondered this article is for you.

Not a single successful woman or a man in this world ever had a smooth landing to their successful life. Oprah Winfrey was born to a teenage single parent and got assaulted at the age of 14 and became a mum in her teenage years. Today she is one of the most inspirational women on the planet who’s net worth is 2.7 billion US Dollars. Steve Jobs was born to graduate students and was given for adoption at the birth, had a troubled teenage years and he traveled to India looking for purpose. He came back and Founded the Apple Company. The most breakthrough transformations happen through enormous pressure and pain. Think for a moment How much pressure and intense temperatures a stone should go through before it becomes a Diamond. It is just how nature works.

Every single problem, pain, heartache is trying to show you a side of yourself that you still haven’t seen. Try to unveil the seeds of opportunity behind your pain. The nature never throws anything negative at you without a seed of opportunity beneath it. You know what your purpose is, you know what you are passionate about, you know what you are good at. To really hear your voice the background noise must stop. This is called self-reflection when you truly listen to yourself you will find the answers. No one is born to work, pay bills, and die. Every baby is born with a gift every life has a purpose.

Just after you figure out what you are passionate about you may not be able to step out of the conveyor belt as you may need security and have financial commitments. The magic of finding your passion is that you get to work on it. Invest in it, time, and energy. When you are working on your passion you will discover your purpose. Passion is what makes you happy and the purpose is who you become by doing what makes you happy. Discovering these will transform your life to a whole new level. Your vibration will change, the energy will change, and you will be surrounded with joy. Scientific evidence says that you give your self joy of 8 hours when you are working on your passion. The work will not feel like work anymore because it makes you happy.

 I understand there are bills to pay and liabilities to pay for, but you never should give up on your purpose. You can do like what I did, I found my purpose which lead me to the path of becoming a life coach, I knew what made me happy is being of service. I am still working on my job in a school but coaching people and facilitating the change they seek is what makes me happy. Money can only motivate you up to a certain limit and the real joy is somewhere else, that is where the purpose is.

If you are still trying to find what truly brings you joy, I hope the diagram below will help you. Ikigai is a Japanese word and the meaning is “Reason for being” This is what I call “Purpose”.

You can see purpose is a combination of What you love, what you are good at, what you can be paid for and the world needs. Where all these beautiful elements meet that is where the purpose is. Purpose is the driving force of your dreams, navigation of your life, and the ultimate joy the money can not buy.

I hope you find your purpose and when you do, even if you can’t commit full time for it, work on it as that is what you own. It’s your happy place.



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