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Have you ever thought of losing a couple of pounds and got on an exercise regime that you were very motivated and passionate about and then after a few days you couldn’t keep up. 😀

Have you ever decided to cut down on sugar and after a while you gave up because your body was craving for it.  😂. I know the feeling.

Have you had those times where you had lists, priorities and organised your schedule and you lost the motivation after a while and you have gone back to where you started.

Doesn’t this all feel so familiar? When we are trying to break an old habit or create a new one we do this on a conscious level which is why the motivation is so temporary and we can not keep up.

Starting with Why ? can help you understand the value behind your desired outcome. Taking time to question your self why you want, what you want will help you embody the real reasons and the values behind your goal.  

Once you have established why you want to achieve something, change something or create something positive, then it comes to how ?  Action + Habits = Behaviour = Outcome

If we are to change the outcome action and habits needs changing. Changing actions is not so challenging but consistency is something we have to work on.

Habits are tiny little building blocks that are carefully structured in our subconscious mind. There are a lot of emotional and social factors that contributes to those building blocks. Habits are formed on beliefs that are deeply rooted in the subconscious. Most of the deeply rooted beliefs are childhood imprints, that we experienced as a child. Therefore, when we are trying to change an old habit, we should do it in a subconscious level and understand the reasons why we are trying to do this.

Breaking habits in a conscious level seems practical and easy, but that change will not last. Subconscious will kick in at some point and that is why you give up, lose interest, and lose motivation.

Some fears and beliefs are deeply rooted in the biology. Simply trying to eliminate this through cognitive therapy or conscious practical ways will make this worst. The deep-rooted fear may go down many decades of life in the subconscious and may have very early childhood trauma relating to this fear. If we go back in time and address this and subconsciously replace the fear with something more empowering and the change will last. Once the negative belief is replaced by something more empowering then you may try to create small habits , yes I said small habits because if you try to do big things at first, unable to keep up may demotivate you and the idea is to keep you going in the right direction even with baby steps. That is the most important thing.  

Habit formation is done through repetition. When we repeatedly do something as often as we do, it leaves imprints in the subconscious. Repetitive human patterns become imprinted in neural pathways creating habits that can take you to your desired outcome.

Thoughts creates our feelings

Feelings creates our emotions

Emotions creates our behaviours

Behaviour creates our reality.

To change the reality we must start with our thought process and there is no other way around it. Any positive change or growth must meet 3 C’s in order for it to last. The 3 C s are

Coach – A coach will give guidance and lead you in the right direction. Its almost like following a map and asking for directions when you are travelling in an unknown city. Yes you may do this by yourself but it is a lot easier and faster when you have a coach.

Consistency– There are no quick fixes in life. If you want to get results consistency is key. A coach can hold you accountable to maintain the consistency and keep guiding you in the right direction.

Commitment – When you are in a path to change and growth, surrounding your self with positive energy and keep up and show up for your self is important. Having a commitment to achieve your goal and committing yourself to work consistently at it will take you there. Again A coach can help you with this by holding you accountable for your steps.  

Knowing why you want something, and taking steps to create habits that will change your behaviour patterns will ultimately take you to your desired outcome. That change will last because we are not just touching the surface with the conscious but digging deep with subconscious.

‘ A goal without a plan is just a wish ‘ Tony Robbins

With a Coach, Consistency and Commitment we can plan the change that last…

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