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I am going to start this article by saying that whatever is going on in your life right now, you created it for you. Yes, I know you did not do this intentionally, that’s why you are here. “Why me? why does this keep happening to me? Why is everything so difficult? One thing after another? If you have ever felt this way keep reading this blog is for you.

Did you know that your subconscious mind was creating your reality? That part of your life is where the movie of your life is directed. The job of your subconscious mind is to give you what you want in life. Hold on a minute, if that’s it why do I keep getting things that I don’t want? Exactly! if you are experiencing things that you don’t want, you are unconsciously doing something wrong somewhere.

I told you the job of your subconscious mind is to get you what you want. How does it know what you want? Your thoughts and emotions are the only language that your subconscious mind understands. Subconscious reads your thoughts and emotions and work day and night to recreate those back in your life in the form of reality.

When something bad happens in our life we amplify the negative, we think so hard and long about it. We question ourselves, doubt our self-worth. We even go back and forth on our memory and match situations from the past that gives us evidence to justify the situation we are currently in. Your subconscious mind will act day and night to recreate your thoughts and emotions that make you feel hurt, stressed, upset, and worthless.

This is how it works

Thoughts create Emotions ——-Emotions create behaviour ———— Behaviour creates Your reality

Thoughts are the ultimate creator of your reality. The good thing is you can change your thinking in a flick of a button. Your whole life can be shifted to a whole new level. I am not even exaggerating it is as simple as that. You change the way you think, you talk, and how you look at things your life is going to change in a beautiful way. Sounds good but how do I do this? How can I think positive when there is so much negativity going around me? These are the most asked questions by so many clients, the answer is so simple If you know your thoughts create your reality would you want to keep creating negativity in your life or would you want to shift it. You have two choices to choose from

  • Choose to change your reality and re-write your story
  • Play the victim and dwell in your situation recreating more of the negativity

I am sure all of you would choose the option 01. I am going to give you a clear cut straight forward tried and proven 5 steps to create the life of your dreams.

Step 01

Take a few minutes off your schedule every single day just for yourself. This is for self-reflection.

I know what you are thinking. Time for myself that’s weird and crazy what is that for? Let me explain this is option number 1 for a particularly good reason. This is critical to gain clarity and understand your emotions. Unless you know how you feel you can not change it. Use this time to communicate with your self and really understand how you are feeling, and why you are feeling this way. Let those feelings come on the surface, acknowledge them, let those emotions ripple and disappear like a stone thrown to the ocean. However, you are feeling lift your self up

Step 02

Use your words Wisely – Be impeccable with your words.

In the book “Four Agreements “The Author Don Miguel Ruiz explains how Important it is to be impeccable with your words and how significant impact this can make in our lives. The language we use to communicate with us, and others define who we are and what life we live. Don’t forget your subconscious mind constantly working in the background making your wishes come true. When you say things like “I don’t want to go to work “don’t be surprised when things happen for you to stay home for longer than you would want. When you say things like ‘ If I eat  I will gain weight ‘ don’t be surprised when you put on some weight because your words have more power and control over your body than any amount of food. Choose your words wisely.

Step 03

Have Goals in life

Clearly defined goals will provide a clear path and directions to move forward in achieving the life of your dreams. Imagine for a moment you get in a car without knowing where you are heading, without a map, or with no directions how chaotic that journey will be. Having a life with no clear goals is like being in that car. Goals will guide you and move you up a direction. As a Coach, I help my clients to clearly define their goals and set times and draw up action plans to achieve them more efficiently. Tony Robbins said “Dreams without goals are just dreams “Where ever you may be in your life right now, you need to have a goal, a vision, a dream.

Step 04

Create Change

When you take the time to self-reflect, choose your words wisely, and define and plan your goals the change is inevitable. The same mindset that created the problem cannot solve it. Anyone can change anything in a flick of a button, but to create lasting change that involves a process. The human mind will keep going back to what is familiar this is why we are so comfortable with the familiar. To create a lasting change one must create habits and through repetition of habits, we create change. To learn more of this process read my blog post on how to create change that lasts https://nilujay.com/how-to-create-change-that-last/

Step 05

Have a true desire to succeed. Wrap the desire up with faith

When you are on a path to achieve the life of your dreams it is important that you choose who you are with, what are you surrounded with. If you are surrounded by negativity and networking with problematic situations and manifesting other people’s problems into your life these will act like roadblocks on your path. Your desire to succeed, have the health, wealth and the perfect relationships must be greater than any fear or doubt you may have. In the book ‘Think and grow rich’ Napoleon Hill dedicates a whole chapter on desire and the role it plays in attracting riches. Desire wrapped up in unvarying faith will override everything else. It is all up to the picture you have created in your mind and how you communicate with yourself. In coaching sessions, I help clients to plants the seeds of desire in their mind and water those seeds with enough faith and provide enough light with continuous support. If you can see it, you can certainly have it.

You are the dreamer of your life. You are the author of your story. You are the Director of your movie. You create what you want. It is your birth right.

If you follow these 5 steps as explained you will soon start to create the life of your dreams. If you have any questions Email me and I will answer them for you.

Nilu Jay

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