One to One Deep Coaching Sessions

£40 / hour

Coaching practice will be tailor made for your needs and goals. All sessions will be carried out online at the comfort of your home at a most convenient time for you.

I will get to know you, your history, your vision of the world and your behavior patterns, all of us have certain patterns that have tripped us in the past, I will help you identify such patterns and help you break the negative patterns and guide you to a new experience of being yourself. 

Before signing up for any session with me you will be offered a no obligation Free of Charge Discovery call with me for an hour. I will explain how coaching works and how you can benefit from it. This is an opportunity for us both get to know each other and see if we can work together. 

One Off Session

£40 / hour

This session is for someone who wants to get a taste of what coaching is. 

Emergency Help

£60 / month

This is for you if you need to talk because you are feeling alone, disconnected and confused. This could be a one off life changing conversation.

4 Sessions Per Month

£150 / month

Consistent and constant weekly ongoing coaching to help you quickly reach your goals. Whether it is a relationship, work or other. 

3 Months Contract

£400 / quarter

I highly recommend this as after a few sessions it is quite natural and human to feel the resistances and lack motivation, when we have a long term relationship we will have the time to address these issues really understand the road blocks that have tripped you in the past and set the tone for achieving the goals and the life you desire. 

Group Coaching

These sessions will be conducted online with 10-30 participants, where I will carry out a group learning experience on various hand picked topics.

Please contact me for information about next group coaching session available